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Student Expectations

Paramount Elementary School is committed to offering students a quality education.  In order to accomplish this and give students the opportunity to develop and maximize their potential, we feel it is necessary to provide a safe and orderly environment.  Please discuss the following expectations with your child.   All students are expected to adhere to the following rules on school grounds, in the classroom, on the school bus, and to and from school.


Treat Others With Respect:

  • Use polite and kind language
  • Do not fight, kick, hit, or threaten anyone
  • No name calling
  • Do not throw objects
  • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself
  • Do not steal or damage school property or the property of others
  • Tell the truth


Cafeteria and Playground Behavior:

  • No walking through or playing in the parking lot
  • Walk in hallways and on blacktop
  • Sit quietly during assemblies
  • No playing in the restrooms or with drinking fountains
  • Walk quietly to the cafeteria
  • Clean eating area when finished
  • Use restrooms before school, at recess, and during lunch


School organizations

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in Paramount School.

The PTA is a parent/school organization that lends support to school functions and programs through parent volunteers, fundraisers, and special activities.

The School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) are advisory committees that give input into matters that concern the school academic programs and categorical budget allotments.  Council Members are elected by the parents and serve for 2 years.  Elections are held during the month of September. 

Program improvement

Paramount has been identified as a Program Improvement School. Once a school has been identified, the district is required to provide students attending that school the option of transferring to another school within the district that is not identified for Program Improvement.  For your convenience, we have posted the information letter and application online. If you have any questions, please contact the principal.

Puma news

Our teachers will welcome students back to class on August 19.

SES Services

Supplemental educational services (SES) are additional academic instruction provided outside of the regular school day and designed to increase the academic achievement of students attending schools in Program Improvement (PI) Years 2 through 5. SES, or free tutoring, must be high quality, research based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement. Eligible students are all low-income students who attend Title I PI Years 2 through 5 schools.  Please go to the District Parent Web page for the current 2015 Applications.